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The Drew Carey Price is Right

Much as I had predicted a month ago, Drew Carey and not Rosie O’Donnell will be taking over The Price is Right. Aside from his experience hosting a game show (if you could conceivably call What’s My Line a game show) Drew Carey was a decent enough choice. I have no idea why Drew Carey wants to tie himself down to spending the next 20 years waving at items and grinning for the camera but then again without the Drew Carey Show, that might be his ideal choice.

For all the ways in which the Drew Carey Show was groundbreaking and mind blowing, Drew Carey’s own comedy was very much in the lowest common denominator and average range. All too often Drew Carey projected comfort and safety to the kinds of older people and housewives who might watch the series. If he keeps his jokes safely cued to that kind of audience, there’s no reason why this will not be a cakewalk for Drew.

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