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The Dimension Sequel Factory

The Weinstein Company isn’t doing that great, but neither is the Dimension side of the business which has become a sequel factory. Going sequel factory was an okay enough plan in a crazy environment where everything is being remade or rebooted. But Scream 4 and Spy Kids 4 both failed. And next up is Scary Movie 5, Halloween 3 and a bunch of stuff like it.

Obvious problems are longish lead times from the last movie released. Horror franchises work when movies keep being released. But when you wait 5-10 years to do a sequel, the only people who remember it are already in their 20’s or 30’s. That’s what killed Scream 4, a movie aimed at teens, from a franchise that was shaky when today’s teens were in diapers. Spy Kids is the same thing, except the kids who enjoyed it then aren’t parents yet, and today’s kids have never heard of it.

Then there’s the goofy ones like Short Circuit 3. A sequel to a classic and ridiculous 80’s movie series that’s going to feature Steve Guttenberg and Fisher Stevens has my vote. But how many people are actually going to go see it? Dimension Films is distributing, not producing it, which is even sadder, because it’s the only palatable thing they’ve got.

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