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The Casks Jerry, the Casks

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – It seems the comedy drought on broadcast television might continue for at least another year.

Sources speculated that just a handful of new half-hour series — as few as five — might land on the fall schedules, with some networks potentially picking up only one or no new comedy series. Meanwhile, dramas are making another strong showing, with about a half-dozen projects vying for slots at most networks.

That’s probably because your average sitcom is thoroughly played out. The only half hour comedies that are succeeding are either worn out retreats of the format on ABC and CBS like The Fat King of Queens and That Other Show With the Fat Guy Married to a Pretty Girl and Another Show Where a Fat Stand Up Comic Marries an Attractive Woman and NBC which has revived its half hour comedy fortunes by airing non-sitcoms like The Office and Scrubs and My Name is Earl, shows that sans laugh track are hilarious and witty. And that’s a tough act to follow.

At ABC, in addition to “Sam,” two other comedies have picked up momentum: the much-talked-about “Cavemen,” based on the characters from the Geico commercials, and “Miss/Guided,” which was shot months ago.

By momentum what’s presumably meant is the gorge of every viewer who sat through this thing. Cavemen is certainly much talked about, in the sense that it’s widely widely widely hated and mocked and laughed about– just not laughed at or with.

Another freshman comedy, “Notes From the Underbelly,” also is said to have a shot at coming back

Almost as good as Cavemen. Can we not combine the two for a comedy about pregnant cavewomen and their insensitive loutish husbands? Oh crap. Now I’ve given TV executives ‘ideas’

At CBS, the dramas “Babylon Fields,” an untitled project about a family of liquor barons… the liquor baron drama, starring Jimmy Smits is rumored for the 10 p.m. Thursday slot,

So let me get this straight? CBS thinks a good idea for a drama is an hour long story about a family of liquor barons? How did Kramer not think of this.

Kramer: No, see Jerry the story is going to be all about liquor barons!

Jerry: Liquor barons? I don’t know.

Kramer: Liquor barons! They’re barons of liquor! Just think of it, the scheming, the plotting, the whiskey, the casks. Jerry, the casks!

Jerry: What about the casks?

Kramer: Do you know what they do in those casks?

Jerry: What?

Kramer: Everything! When you’ve got casks, you’re set for life. That’s why I always wanted to be a liquor baron.

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