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The Cartoon Tick vs the Live Action Tick

The animated cartoon The Tick series captured much of the hilarious madness, surrealism and wordplay of the comics. From Dinosaur Neil, a skewed take on Jurassic Park to villains like Chairface Chippendale– the series’ running supervillain with a chair for a head– to Ominiputus, a parody of Marvel’s Galactus who’s hungry for both devouring planets and emotional companionship to Salazar the Sewer Czar (a former sanitation commissioner determined to raise up an army of super-intelligent filth to seize control of the world) to Pigleg (a villain with a pig for a leg); The Tick was a wild superhero universe filled with evil, hilarity and man eating cows.

The resulting concoction (even when not prepared by The Breadmaster) was delightfully delicious. At its most absurd moments, the show would tear down the conventions further with scenes that had the villains question their purpose. Consider Mr. Handy, The Human Ton’s hand puppet, realizing that when he attempts to make a wish– it can’t come true because he isn’t a real boy. Or Salazar, the Sewer Czar’s army of Super-intelligent filth pausing to question their entire purpose of conquering and destroying the upper world. “We need them and they need us. It’s symbiotic, you see,” they say. Outside of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, no other TV series in a long time had so successfully managed to deconstruct heroism and villainy and spin it around for a ride filled with hilarity and pathos.

The Tick TV Live Action vs The Tick Animated TV Series

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