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The Cape

You know this could have been good. And it wouldn’t have taken all that much for it to be good. The show has a lot of the right spirit. Cast isn’t too bad either. The story is even mostly there. But it has a lead who’s completely wrong for the part. A lame villain. And not a lot of forward motion. The Cape would have been okay in the 80’s. It might have even passed as a syndicated series in the 90’s. But launching this in 2011 on a network. What were they thinking.

I want The Cape to succeed. I would love it if it would. But watching the lead stumble through more lines, and play a superhero, grieving father and cop while looking like he just got done with a set for his Led Zeppelin tribute band at 2 AM is just hard to swallow. Summer Glau is wasted on a role where she’s not expected to be weird. I’m not sure she can play a non-weird person. Her awkwardness has been put to good use as unnerving in shows like Firefly and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but in The Cape she’s just uncomfortable.

Then there’s the whole circus. It’s not a bad setting, but do we have to keep coming back to it. If you’re going to do a superhero show, then do one. My guess is the budget isn’t there for the proper fights and effects. So we have a lot of scenes of characters talking to each other and then a cheap cape effect or two. It might have passed then, but isn’t doing so well now.

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