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The Boys 26 A New Year, an Old Issue

It’s a new year, a new month and Issue 26 of The Boys which is a lot like Issue 25 of The Boys, except for well not very much. At this point it’s safe to say that Garth Ennis is not just the master of pointless tangent stories, but of writing issue after issue in which nothing happens. Take Issue 26, which features a standoff between two G-Wiz teams, obvious X-Men parodies, you might think that in this issue we might see something like that. Wrong. Next issue maybe, not this old issue.

But we learn something new about the G-Wiz teams from Hughie being undercover there. Right? Wrong. We get some of the same wacky antics we’ve been getting in the previous issues. There’s nothing new here. Nothing new at all, except that Hughie tries to stay on after the bugs have been planted in the hopes of teaching them right from wrong. While Butcher tells him that a Supe is a Supe, a category that for some reason doesn’t include him and Hughie.

About the only halfway worthwhile material involves Annie and Hughie’s ongoing relationship, though the visuals get a lot more graphic than anyone needs to see, but for all that it’s sweet, it’s basically recycled material from previous issues. No new ground is being broken either. Finally Butcher does find something on the hard drives he stole last issue, but we’re never told what. And the investigation into Silver’s suicide leads to a home, but again any developments on that would wind up in some future issue, which at this rate would be somewhere around 2012. Good going.

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