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The Blur Will Not Protect You

I halfway suspect that for every person who uses Photoshop professionally, there’s a dozen people who buy Photoshop just to mess around with its filters. Occasionally they post samples of their work online, which invariably look like things that were vomited up by a cartoon giraffe with a bad hangover. These same people also love to use blur and twirl under the impression that they’re creating artwork, instead of creating something that looks absolutely fake and strange too and reminds you of bad 80’s movies back when they began doing their “top of the line” computer created special effects, think The Lawnmower Man.

Anyway some people will use the filters on photos under the impression that the filters can protect their identities. Of course they mostly cannot as the case of a pedophile who used twirl on his photo proves. Depending on how much Twirl was used, you could just run Twirl the other way and get something vaguely recognizable, which you suspect is what the police really did. Unblurring images is harder, because once image data is destroyed it is much harder to reclaim it but hard and impossible are not the same thing, especially when you’ve got powerful computers and software that can ‘guess’ pixels and recreate an unblurred image as needed, some such software already exists in commercial distribution.

So for anyone stupid enough to twirl and blur there photos, that only works if no one really cares much about decoding them.

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