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The Blu Ray vs HD DVD War Drags On

The greatest war of our generation, no not Iraq or Afghanistan but Blu Ray vs HD DVD drags on. There’s something genuinely entertaining about a war that kills no one and that acutely demonstrates that the only thing a war accomplishes is to bankrupt both sides and that no matter who wins, both sides lose.

Blu Ray seems moderately ahead now and is staking out some mild victories, like recruiting Blockbuster to carry only Blu Ray videos, a reasonable decision by Blockbuster since Blu Ray videos continue outselling HD DVD, though considering how much Blockbuster’s customer base is shrinking and how few Blu Ray players are actually out there, I’m not sure it’s that smart for Blockbuster to alienate anyone and there’s no one pissier than some fanboy who adopted a format that no one much cares about and will defend it to the death like an audiophile with his solid gold cables.

Meanwhile HD DVD is boasting the most HD DVD players sold vs Blu Ray players but then again they’re not counting the PS3 and why in the world would you drop 600 bucks for a Blu Ray player when you can buy a PS3 for that price and play games too. So everyone gets to celebrate their pointless victories while the general public instead of moving on to a new DVD format, are sticking right with their old DVD players and both sides lose.

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