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The Bloom is Off the Apple

Remember when Apple was the fuzzy company? Remember when the tech press couldn’t spend enough time praising it? These days Apple is more likely to be in the headlines because it’s being sued or because of its ruthless tactics against its own consumers and early adoptees who actually want to use their iPhones how they want.

Now of course Steve Jobs has no shortage of cringing acolytes on the web who will flood any discussion proclaiming that complaining bricking iPhones is right up there with pouring sugar in your gas tank and complaining when it breaks. Of course this analogy would make more sense if you compared it to buying a CD player for your car from a non-GM-approved company only to have GM dealers come to your house and pour sugar in your car’s gas tank in retaliation for that.

The basic reality is that with success Apple had the chance to show what its made of and it has. It’s the same arrogant company it was under Steve Jobs Mark 1, dedicated to elitism, a phony image of hip and complete disregard for the rights of its customers or any concept of fairness. In other words Apple Mark 2 is like Microsoft except it’s cool. For now.

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