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The Bloody Console Wars and their Price Cuts

With Sony already having suffered billion dollar losses for its PS3 price cuts, the company seems determined to bleed itself white in order to beat Microsoft’s XBox 360 for the honor of having the number two spot behind the Wii. Where sanity would call on both sides to just refocus all efforts on a next generation console, Sony and Microsoft continue to act like punch drunk fighters in Vegas, battering each other round after round long after it’s pretty clear that no winner can emerge from this senseless contest. Sony should have learned from Blu Ray that you can win but still lose, yet Sony needs to keep pushing the PS3’s ownership base up in order to protect Blu Ray’s credibility. Microsoft lacks any such real motivation and its XBox venture seems all the more pointless, unlike the Zune where at least it has a software base to protect. The PS3 can never really win and all that the price cuts accomplish is to make users even warier of buying a product that might be on the way out tomorrow. Not smart. Desperation doesn ‘t sell.

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