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The Best Trailers are for Games

The movie trailer is almost a dead art. Look at how clumsy the Green Lantern trailers were. Movie trailers either give away the entire movie or are so generic that you can’t tell one from the other.

And games are stealing the trailer crown. Take a look at the trailers for the new Tomb Raider and Prey 2. Not only are these better than the latest trailer for a 200 million dollar movie, but it’s saddening that these are game trailers. I want to see these movies. Especially the Prey 2 movie.

What’s the secret. Game trailers are outsourced to studios which specialize in them. Your games aren’t made by the same people who make their trailers. Which is why the trailers are so much better. The good news is some of these studios are either on track to doing a movie or thinking about it.

More trailer goodness. The Knights of the Old Republic trailer which is about 50 times better than anything George Lucas has done since the Death Star blew up.

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