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The Best Government Money Can Buy – Part Deux

FTC Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras said Friday that she will not recuse herself from hearing the Google-DoubleClick merger case, arguing that the fact her husband’s law firm is representing DoubleClick doesn’t merit her recusal.

So in other words the wife of a lawyer from a firm working for DoubleClick will be deciding on DoubleClick’s acquisition by Google, if you didn’t think this entire merger was dirty yet, here’s the wake up call. This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, this is about the revolving door between business and government that allows business interests to government government. If Deborah Platt Majoras had any integrity at all she would have recused herself simply to avoid the appearance of impropriety and protect the public’s trust in the process. Clearly that was not something that mattered to her, nor should it. Right now Google is set to launch a major assault on individual privacy and while the EU and even the Senate is making noises about it, the FTC is set to roll over for it.

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