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The Best Congress Money Can Buy – Part 2 – Want Federal Aid, Get Napster

Now I can sympathize with some congressional frustration over the illegal piracy that wends its way through schools. I could sympathize with it more if this concern wasn’t a quid pro quo for cash on the barrel and involved different kinds of piracy instead of just trying to force colleges to subscribe to Napster and pass the cost on to students.

That’s exactly what Democratic congressmen, congressman George Miller and congressman Ruben Hinojosa, thereafter to be known as music industry paid shill number one and music industry paid shill number two, want to do, taking away Pell Grants and Federal aid from colleges that don’t develop a plan for “legal alternatives” such as Rhapsody and Napster subscriptions funded by student activity fees.

Now there’s a word for this, it’s called blackmail, shakedown, organized crime and it appears to be Democratic congressmen and senators with their toes deep in the music industry which are behind this. The last time out Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid began pushing this, now it’s two Democrats and frankly I’m sick of it. Democrats constantly lecture us on how the Republicans work for the corporations and are out to run out lives. I don’t see the Republicans doing anything like this. I do see it from the Democrats which are beholden to their corporations.

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