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The American IT Crowd May Be No More

British TV viewers and American sycophantic fans of all things British can rejoice as it appears that the impending threat of an American launch of The IT Crowd is dead in the water. Ironically of all the crap Ben Silverman is hurling at NBC’s next season, much of it adapted foreign properties, The IT Crowd actually had potential. But then again it’s safe to assume that The IT Crowd had too much taste for the guy who ordered the American adaptation of a hooker breast implant telenovela.

British viewers will I’m sure rejoice that The IT Crowd won’t be another The Office. Most won’t care. NBC will have another disappointing season with a whole roster of dead shows and shows dead on arrival. Luckily so will CBS.

The IT Crowd was NBC’s only new sitcom and it was already a mid season replacement. Granted NBC has a pretty decent half hour comedy lineup but all those one hour episodes of The Office already scream desperation and suggest that NBC is going to the well way too often. In the wake of the disastrous new season, cancellations will accrue and The Office simply can’t carry all that dead weight.

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