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The Ads Come to YouTube

In the ongoing and entirely hopeless effort to pretend that YouTube is somethinganything besides teenagers talking into a webcam and pirated TV episodes and movies, YouTube’s founders are talking ads and revenue generation. At this point the average YouTube ad much like the average Yahoo Mail ad or like most web ads is the same stuff from the same few sleazy sites that seem to be singlehandedly responsible for most internet advertising. Namely, Mystery Shoppers, Fart Button, Classmates, Mortgage Animations and the same few others, their main goal is for you to sign up with their site so they can start putting insane charges on your credit card and never let you leave until you change your name to Eddie Bickerson and move to Zimbabwe to do missionary work by beating up local animists for Jesus.

Now running actual ads on YouTube, especially 5 to 10 second ones is fantastically unwelcome as a prospect. I can applaud EMI for being more forward thinking than most companies but we can expect to see users wailing as videos that merely reference a song or sound like a song get hit with ads, instead of account suspensions. It’s easier to recover from an account suspension since you can just make a new one. It isn’t nearly as easy to recover from having your videos preceded by annoying ads.

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