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The Adapted Screenplay category for the 80th Oscars

The Adapted screenplay category for the 80th Oscars is where the action is this time around because the two favorites are based on books, There Will Be Blood, which was all but confirmed as a winner before the movie was even released to audiences and No Country for Old Men, a movie that has succeeded to create a virtual cult following believing in its greatness, despite the fact that it’s an ordinary enough crime story of the sort that gets made and remade every few months. Away From Her is more deserving but less likely to get a spot in the Oscar sun. The Atonement nomination is inevitable if uninteresting and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly deserves its place, even if again it has the inevitability of a grace spot. This is a category almost certain to go the Best Picture winner so no one beyond There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men really matters much out there one way or another.

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