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The 90 Million Dollar Jason Momoa Mistake

Can you blame Conan the Barbarian failing on Jason Momoa? Not all of it. August is not the best time to release movies and the box office was overcrowded with movies aimed at young adult males already. That let The Help sweep past them to the top, while movies like Fright Night, Captain America and Cowboys and Aliens fought over the winnings.

But you can blame some of it. If you’re going to cast a barbarian, he should be well… barbaric. Schwarzenegger projected the thug with a sword because it wasn’t too far off from what he was. A relentlessly ambitious bodybuilder willing to do anything to get to the top. Jason Momoa recalls The Rock, a nice guy who happens to be big. The Rock at least came out of wrestling and knew how to put on some attitude. Momoa can’t even seem to do that much.

Casting him in Game of Thrones was a mistake. But putting him in Conan, that was a 90 million dollar mistake. Stick a wrestling star in there and the movie might have worked. It wouldn’t have been good, and it probably wouldn’t have passed 20 million, but it wouldn’t have been flat. Ron Perlman channels the savage early on, and that’s what Conan needed to be. But Momoa’s Conan just goes through the motions.

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