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The 24 Meltdown Continues

With Joel Surnow gone, 24 has lost its creator even as its seventh season has had to be pushed back an entire year, itself virtually unprecedented and yet a big part of the mess that 24 has become. Once Fox’s most reliable drama, 24 has increasingly imploded, under political attack by democrats and liberals and military ethics people for its casual depiction of torture and turning out repetitive season after repetitive season on a formula as routine as that of an A-Team episode, the real bomb for Season Seven hit the fan even before the writer’s strike, as the original plan for Season Seven for Jack to go to Africa had to be scrapped altogether and begun from scratch.

And no sooner did 24 get into action than the writer’s strike brought it down again. Sure the real Jack Bauer could have ended the whole WGA mess by torturing some overpriced and overpaid executives and producers and writer’s guild negotiators with a broken table lamp, three paperclips and a copy of Variety, but the real Jack Bauer, namely Kiefer Sutherland was busy being in jail for a month, also not exactly a kiss on the cheek for the series.

Now FOX is scrambling to fix the mess by producing a prequel 24 movie to take place between season 6 and season 7, before they actually start churning out Season 7, which is set to go down as one of the biggest disasters in TV history before a single episode has even aired. Way to go 24.

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