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The 10 Greatest Fantasy Movies Ever Made

Nailing down the top Fantasy movies is much trickier than nailing down the top 10 Science Fiction movies, in part because there are much fewer Fantasy movies that are made than Science Fiction movies and because the definitions are much trickier.

As far as I’m concerned, fantasy movies deal with legends and myths, they deal with the idea of crossing over from reality into a fantastic world where magic is real and where there are strange creatures, whether in the movie or as a viewer. I know it’s a pretty fast and loose definition but what I mean to do is exclude horror movies, where the purpose is mainly to scare not to awe and enchant… even though Pan’s Labyrinth, one of the movies on the list, can be considered a horror movie. Fantasy can be scary but its purpose is to do more than scare you. If all a movie does is throw ghouls and vampires at you, it isn’t a fantasy movie.

Science Fiction tells us that the impossible can be made real if we work hard enough for it. Fantasy tells us that the impossible can be made real if we truly believe and wish for it. And perhaps that is the string which connects these ten movies as well.

The Ten Greatest Fantasy Films of All Time

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