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That Penny Arcade Thing

Yes that “thing”. The thing which reminds me of how depressing this kind of back and forth ping pong can be. Now Penny Arcade ran a strip in which the joke was that players on moral quests only perform them to the required limit, and then go off without caring about the consequences. The joke was not a rape joke, the joke was that the players who play heroes don’t actually care about the people they’re fighting to save. It’s just a mission quest.

But since the word rape was in there, feminist blogs launched spitballs their way, attacking Penny Arcade for making fun of rape victims. Which Penny Arcade wasn’t. It obviously wasn’t making fun of women, the slave was a man. The dickwolves gag had no real world applications anyway. And it wasn’t a rape joke, it was a joke about the constructs of the game world. It was a joke about players who play heroes, but don’t think the way heroes would. Who act a certain way, because the game rewards them, but wouldn’t go a step past that.

But then Penny Arcade replied to critics with a second strip, this time passively aggressively making rape jokes. “Go and rape no more” and “If you’re raping someone right now, stop.” Most of the criticisms of the first strip were off base, but Penny Arcade managed to make a second strip in which all the criticisms were on the money. That’s almost some kind of accomplishment, in a passive aggressive way.

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