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That Facebook Lawsuit

Did Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg rip off Facebook while working at ConnectU as the lawsuit by ConnectU’s founders claims? Well for starters you have to begin by wondering why the ConnectU kids waited this long to sue him. I mean Facebook has been around for years. It was launched in 2004. It has been successful for years. If there was a time to file an ‘immediate reaction’ “hey dude you ripped us off’ lawsuit, that time was around 2005-2005 at most. It’s now the summer of 2007. Facebook has become extremely successful. That means this is the ideal time to file a “let’s shake down the rich guy’ lawsuit. That is not exactly a factor which gives the ConnectU guys much credibility.

The idea of creating a grown up version of MySpace for the campus crowd was hardly original. Not can ConnectU claim it was. Not with the debris of so many campus social networking sites littering the web like the world’s worst and lamest archaeological dig. The idea of posting profiles with photos is hardly revolutionary. Let’s get real here. Mark Zuckerberg working on the ConnectU site doesn’t look good but it’s only an issue if he actually stole original ideas to incorporate into Facebook and that is something that will have to be proven in court.

The ConnectU claim that Mark Zuckerberg actively sabotaged the launch of the ConnectU site presumes that the ConnectU site would have otherwise succeeded and that it can be proven that he deliberately sabotaged it, as opposed to being lazy or ducking out of commitments. That is virtually unproveable unless Mark Zuckerberg left behind an email saying, “Ha ha those doofuses think I’m working on their ConnectU lame-o site when really I’m making the coolest site ever Facebook and I’m gonna sabotage their site by delaying the launch and steal all their ideas too. And then fly to Brazil to clone dinosaurs!”

Absent such an email the case is likely to get thrown out of court down the road and is basically an attempt to get a payoff.

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