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Thank You Striking WGA Writers

Thanks to the spoiled brats of the WGA who just aren’t satisfied with their 70 grand a year, TV is now sliding back to Reality TV. Yes the fun days of TV shows that focus on humiliating and degrading people for the camera have returned and the drama is likely to wither once a few Reality TV hits emerge from the dross. I sure hope getting that 0.00002 cents off an iTunes sale of an episode of Battlestar Galactica was worth it, you jackasses.

As a result of the now monthlong strike by the Writers Guild of America, almost none of the most popular shows on prime time television will be offering new episodes to viewers after the first of the year, or for the foreseeable future.

In their place on the networks’ schedules will be repeats or reality programs, some of them returning but many of them new — shows like “The Moment of Truth,” a Fox offering in which contestants are strapped to a lie detector and asked about their most intimate secrets on a national stage.

While the most popular dramas and comedies will resume production of new episodes once the strike ends, the strike could mean the end for several new series, like “Bionic Woman” on NBC or “K-Ville” on Fox, that have struggled to gain a regular audience this fall. Just as the last writers’ strike, in 1988, helped to spawn a new form of vérité entertainment epitomized by programs like “Cops” and “America’s Most Wanted,” the current writers’ strike will witness the debut of a number of new reality concepts.

If you want a good demonstration of a bunch of spoiled idiots, cutting their own throats, look no further than the WGA.

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