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Thank You South Korea for Cloning Glowing Cats

We all know that somewhere Jay Leno is sitting with his giant chin wedged hopelessly in a beer mug and sobbing like a baby at the news that South Korean scientists cloned glowing cats and he can’t actually go on television to tell any glowing cloned korean cat jokes. More significantly though this is the first major freaky animal cloned. Dolly just didn’t do the trick, so now we’ve got cats that glow in the dark. It’s a significant technical achievement, not so much the glowing, as the ability to mix in genes but as far as easing people’s fears about cloning goes, it’s about as helpful as if South Korean scientists had cloned Barry Bonds with an anaconda tail or Jesus with dragon fangs. I’m sure there’s a certain demographic that think, “Ooh look, what an adorable glowing kitty. I want one”, but this is far outweighed by the number of people freaking out at what they think are radioactive cats. It’s hard to say why South Korea is so focused on cloning research anyway, except maybe a generation of Korean high school kids were inspired by Starcraft to create a clone army. Either way it’s only a matter of time before they make humans glow in the dark which will make sex much more interesting and horror movies much less boring.

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