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Testing out the Surf Canyon Firefox Plugin

Trying out the SurfCanyon plugin was part of my post Firefox 3 install spring cleaning, well summer browser cleaning, but you get the idea. While I’m naturally suspicious of any browser and search helpers, particularly after a decade when half the spyware out there masqueraded itself that way, the Mozilla endorsement helped. Surprisingly Surf Canyon worked pretty well, the Bulls Eye next to a result is neat and non-obtrusive, like CustomizeGoogle, SurfCanyon doesn’t shove its way down your throat or take over your browser, but quietly works within Google to improve your results. While SurfCanyon did help improve my browsing, the lack of customization compared to CustomizeGoogle is a bit of a problem, particularly since there is no way to shut off Streaming Results. Since I just don’t feel comfortable dumping all my search results into one giant page and browsing up and down it, I had to uninstall SurfCanyon. Hopefully a future update will make that a little more workable.

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