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Testing out the CustomizeGoogle Firefox Plugin

I am by no means any kind of Google addict, but it has become my default browser because it’s fairly clean and while the results are chancy, I haven’t really seen a search engine that can do better. To that end CustomizeGoogle deals with one major concern about Google and one minor one. The major one is anonymity, I don’t really care to have my browsing turned into fodder for Google’s advertisers, that’s one reason I don’t use Gmail. We live in an era where privacy is for sale to the highest bidder and with CustomizeGoogle, I can opt out of click tracking. The minor one is ads, which is a minor hassle but it is nice to see them gone while Google returns to the pristine white it was before the advertising came along. The Filter is a handy feature too, letting me block some sites from my search results. Unfortunately Google is so full of spam that it would take far too long to tackle the problem, but a good ban list would be handy for the filter to import into. Finally the added search engine links at the top are a handy way to rely on other engines while using Google as the baseline.

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