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Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth going into Production

Kind of odd but apparently Sam Raimi is a fan of the Sword of Truth novels, well someone out there has to be, and is teaming up with ABC for a weekly series on them. Is it just going to be Hercules with a magic sword? Well maybe, maybe not unless they bring back Kevin Sorbo and let him produce the whole thing. Basically Sword of Truth is actually more popular in some places abroad than it is in America and since syndicated series are exported abroad and Hollywood these days is pulling in the dough from shipping our crap off to foreign marks, this makes sense. Unlike Wheel of Time, I imagine the Sword of Truth rights were fairly affordable, the sales insure there’s something of an audience and some brand recognition, episodes will be cranked out on the cheap and Satan will give a great big belly laugh and somewhere Ayn Rand will be turning over, even more so than when Ron Paul ran for President.

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