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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Samson and Delilah 2×01 review

Relying on the apocalyptic themes inherent in the Terminator movies and the name Judgment Day, it was pretty clear that the Terminator writers and producers were bent on introducing some religious themes into Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The second season premiere of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles s2e01 Samson and Delilah takes that to a whole new level with an overriding theme of John Connor as Samson and Cameron as his Delilah, unpredictable and capable of betraying him at any moment and destroying the promise of his leadership. Then of course the episode proceeds to muddle this fairly simple analogy with references to resurrection and Babylon that seem like a stretch even on a good day.

Still Samson and Delilah 2×01 kicks off the season in a good way with Cameron’s unexpected transformation from rescuer to relentless killer in a prolonged chase that brings the Connors closer to death than they have ever been on the series so far, arguably even on the pilot. With all the developing plots things have been a little too comfortable for the Connors in Season 1 of the Sarah Connor Chronicles and this episode introduces a major corporate villain, a deadly new terminator and the danger that Cameron herself poses as an unpredictable variable.

Shirley Manson’s appearance will be getting a lot of attention, but from her native Scottish accent and awkward acting, she’s mainly a distraction next to the qualified actors. Aside from the whole joke of a Scottish terminator, already a very poor disguise, Manson’s performance is creepy but the wrong kind of creepy altogether. And while the urinal scene is shocking, between the obvious sexual metaphor and the silliness of, it toes the line of jumping the shark. Still a T-1000 has some major potential as an antagonist that can’t be easily killed, and with the Turk in corporate hands, and the battle between the Resistance and Skynet having moved into the past as Skynet sends its Terminators back in time to make sure that it is “born”, season 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has the potential for some serious drama.

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    Hanna October 18, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Which did you hate, both X-Files and Indy or just one of them. I kind dug Indy for a couple of reonsas. Mostly nostalgic. Loved seeing Indy back on the screen, had several well choreographed scenes, but as a whole I would say I would tie it with Temple. Not sure which of those I prefer. Though I miss the well written, character/action flicks of the 70 s, 80 s, and early 90 s. I see so much cardboard cut out characters nowadays. I wish they could combined great storytelling with Character and great FX more. Not just a couple of movies ( if that ) a year! With what can be done now in the world of CGI, imagine how great that would be!X-files, that let me down real hard. That’s where I will leave that. Now I will say that maybe because of my love of and fond memories with my Father seeing every one of the original Trek films I had really high expectations, which could be partially why I thought it fell flat. Though I have seen many a review with the exact flaw I pointed out. Lots of action, great special effects, but where were the Characters? I have to say that I thought out of the Characters the one I liked the most, was the one played as close to the original than any of them. Bones hands down..Something about the guy who played Spock bothered me, can’t say what it was, think that he looked and acted too angry all of the time for a Vulcan. Though I know they were trying to use the tie in..that when he was younger he was battling his Human ( From his Mother ) and Vulcan ( Father) emotions.I have read many reviews on Salvation that back you, then many that back it’s kinda funny..LOL. Throws me off that so many see that the one point was the turning point on whether they liked it or not. Character. As well that so many saw Character and so many didn’t. POV is a quirky thing. I like the Trek as a separate reincarnation. Mostly because it was the most action packed Star Trek, since Wrath! Most of the reviewers who loved it, point that out over and over as the reason behind them tilting to the liked it side.Probably one I’ll end up buying, because I liked it on its own, and have a chance to review and re judge it when it hits DVD. I hear there is a Tron remake, sequel coming soon. Let’s see what they do with that. That should give everyone something to talk about for a long while. Reply

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