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Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles 2×12 Alpine Fields episode review

On paper Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles 2×12 Alpine Fields is built on a good model following in the footsteps of great TSCC episodes like Dungeons and Dragons, and Goodbye to all That, moving back and forth between Derek’s experiences in the future and the need to protect Terminator targets in the present. But that’s on paper, on television Alpine Fields suffers from a lack of tension and suspense, and having to endure too much time with a ridiculously annoying family.

As the episode cuts back and forth between the present and six months in the past, or six months in the future, and the present; it’s never too clear where this episode lies, and Derek’s own flashbacks or flashforwards, you can already see part of the problem. Not only do we have flashbacks, we have two sets of flashbacks, which takes a certain deftness to pull off.

Derek with the dying pregnant mother of the girl he will one day save, who will in turn save the human resistance plays too flat, but it has nothing to give it any real punch. The ball and chain here though are the extended flashbacks to the family’s past, that feature an annoying couple whom Sarah must help escape, and by helping them escape, I mean spending 6 to 8 hours sitting around and arguing while a Terminator wanders around somewhere outside.

Piled on the frosting is a future storyline that relies on the dubious idea that the last remnants of humanity fighting for their lives can produce a cure to Skynet biological weapon in a matter of hours based only on the blood of an immune girl, something even we couldn’t do given a decade. Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles 2×12 Alpine Fields isn’t a bad episode, but it is an episode that is more weak and diluted than anything else.

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    Caruana August 8, 2012 at 2:46 am

    I tell you I would be the first one ready to rip this newest adiotdin of the franchise..Though to me Cameron’s Films are the only Terminator movies..T3 made me sick. They changed lines from T2,..not just small lines, big have to do with the entire plot of T2, lines, all over..the jokes where ridiculous and stupid. Talk to the hand! The only part of T3 that even entertained me was the crane sequence. But really it was just a tiny piece of an otherwise crappy script, big let down version, of a once heralded franchise. The ending I hated the first time I saw it better now. Just tried to rewatch it last night..Remembered what I hated about it!Now, that said. I went in to Salvation with no hopes at all, seeing as how T3 made me not want to even hear about a 4th. But got to admit I saw things in the trailers that harkened back to the Cameron story line that I couldn’t believe was written by the same writers of T3. So I decided to spend the 10 Bucks to see it in the Theatres. Now I’ll tell you, for the first five minutes..I was like ok..this one is going to be different..then BOOM.One of the only ones in this group, that absolutely loved it, in fact I went with three huge Terminator fans that hated T3 as much as me and we all came out saying the same thing. About time it fell fresh again. About time it didn’t feel like the same story retold over and over. Loved the Malcolm adiotdin, loved the machines using him the way they did. Character! Malcolm was fantastic, Reese was great albeit he looked a bit younger than I would have expected Reese to be at that time. Fresh Machines, the Bikes, the Harvesters, the New Terminator, all were awesome. Way the hell better than that ridiculous Female Bot from T3! The story moved crisp, clean, liked them adding in the tapped Sarah Conner stuff. That was sweat. Like the confusion of Connor. Hell I liked the whole damn thing. So no complaints from this Terminator fan..shocking I know!It had to me what the new Star Trek lacked, Character! Where was Kirk in the new Star Trek. Sorry but I didn’t see him at all. Spock was sorta there, Chekov and Doc were sorta there, Scottie, Hmmm..a bit closer, but the main thrust of the series..sorry Kirk was not Kirk. I don’t need Shatner by any means..but lets get some depth. He was too shallow to lead that movie. The scene with the like 8 year old kid driving the car off the cliff in the beginning, no suspension of disbelief there. Effects were great, story line was cool, but my kid and I walked out saying it was characters making you care about them at all. Nothing to push you in to jumping up when the Villain gets crushed.I saw every Star Trek film in the Theatre with my Dad as a Kid and as I grew up decided to carry on the tradition with my thirteen year old. But even she said, that wasn’t Star Trek! It was a popcorn flick disguised as a Star Trek. All Trek films where about character, great stories, and then effects..not in reverse order.. This one was about a bunch of one dimensional characters that I didn’t care about at all. I’ll take Salvation any day over the new Trek, sorry J.J.! Huge Trekkie and this latest incarnation was just a popcorn flick, that’s it. Good for that, but not much more! Reply

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