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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Near Cancellation?

In contrast to some of the gloating responses at the idea that Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, I’m not exactly shocked that FOX will cancel another promising SciFi series. It’s pretty much what FOX does. FOX orders promising SciFi shows, whether it’s Firefly or Harsh Realm or Sliders and then kills them. FOX has been doing it for a while now, but on the bright side at least FOX, unlike the other networks, does order them.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles’ ratings have dropped hard but that’s a reality for a lot of TV shows which are having major problems hanging on to an audience. Running Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles up against Chuck was not a smart move. I personally get bored enough to play solitaire at even the idea of watching Chuck but there’s enough demographic overlap to make it a problem. And considering that Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles plays well to a younger tech literate demographic, a look at the online numbers is going to be crucial.

But overall again I’m not surprised. Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles is a dark moody show about living in waiting for the apocalypse with two female leads, a premise involving time travel and killer machines combined with a family trying to live a normal life and cope with the abyss. It’s not an easy premise to sell and too many viewers have complained that the show is too slow and that there isn’t enough action. But you can’t please everyone and in the current environment you may not be able to please anyone.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles worked and works for me. It’s a great dark underrated series. I expected it to be doomed from the start, and I’m glad it lasted nearly two seasons. Two seasons is better than nothing.

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