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Taking Firefox 3.0 for a Test Drive

Well I joined the other 7 million people, well above the projected 1.7 million pledged, to download Firefox 3.0, though as it turned out there was no record to break and yes I wound up clicking repeatedly to try and get the site to load through all the 404’s. But half an hour later with Firefox 3.0 installed and running, the experience is a little like waiting on line for a good movie, yes it’s good, but was it really worth all the wait? Well Firefox 3.0 won’t set your world on fire, but the memory leaks seem to be gone, the OS integration works decently if you have Windows XP, though badly for Windows Vista, the ride feels smoother and more reliable overall. The Awesome Bar does rub me the wrong way, but I may be slowly getting used to the possibilities, though it would require unlearning some of the usual shortcuts I used to use. Password handling and downloads also work more smoothly and the minimal extra features do make a difference in workflow. Overall Firefox 3.0 is relatively bug free in my assessment and well worth the download, but don’t go in believing the hype or expecting the sky.

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