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Take a Break from Battlestar Galactica

Wonder why Battlestar Galactica’s ratings are falling, take no look further than the incredibly lame ‘Take a Break From Your Worries,’ which should have been titled, Take a Break From Writing Episodes, except that you can’t really blame this episode in isolation for perpetuating the idiocy of Battlestar Galactica’s awful third season.

Now here’s a simple quiz. Baltar, former President and Cylon collaborator, who has arguably been the star of the show with BSG focusing on him more intently than on any other character, has been captured and in the hands of the crew. With the show’s previous focus on politics, a focus that mostly went out the window this season, you’d think the logical move would have been to make his imprisonment the centerpiece of the episode, or at least an equally compelling story.

Ah but how foolish you are, unable to grasp the genius of Ron Moore and his crack writing staff (yes it is indeed a writing staff on crack) which instead decide to focus the episode on the ongoing KaraAdama soap opera, which continues to go nowhere. It’s bad enough we had to hijack the previous two parter with this idiocy, but now we have an episode that dedicates a few minutes to Baltar and dumps the bulk of it on KaraAdamWhininess. Thank you Ron, you’re truly a master of bad romance novels.. oh wait you were trying to do a Science Fiction TV series. Sorry, my bad.

And of course the Baltar material has to employ the just discovered gimmick of giving him hallucinogenic drugs, an idea that apparently Adama didn’t bother to come up with when Cylon collaborating terrorists were blowing up parts of his fleet in suicide bombings. Because if it’s one thing that Baltar and the audience needs, it’s more hallucinations.

Battlestar Galactica’s ratings still dropping? Nope, can’t imagine why. Flush.

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