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The J.J. Abrams Cloverfield Mystery

Cloverfield film posterOne thing Lost and Star Trek 11 have certainly demonstrated, J.J. Abrams has almost as good a facility as Steve Jobs for turning a non-event into an event with mysterious websites and teasers and hints and clues all meant to generate discussion about what might be happening which usually turns out to be more interesting than what actually is happening.

Cloverfield is a case in point. It’s certainly worked. The new website EthanHaasWasRight.Com (a decidedly Lost concept) is generating plenty of interest, the messages are being discussed and CNBC has already covered the non-teaser teaser aired before Transformers. But of course is there anything even worth discussing?

That’s the problem with viral hype, it’s completely insubstantial. It’s based on a mystery, much like Lost, which may or may not be entirely hollow. There’s no discussion over the valid material but over wacky speculation over what it might be. Cloverfield may be something interest or not. I have no idea. Neither does anyone discussing it. I know mysteries are fun but mysteries without content are simply a waste of time.

Show me a box. There might be anything in the box. Write Cloverfield on the box. There still might be something interesting in the box. Or not. I have no idea. Neither does anyone but the people who put the something in the box. And that’s what these campaigns come down to.

A Cthulhu movie is an intriguing possibility but at this point meaningless. Without real information, there’s nothing to discuss.

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