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Bye Bye Veronica Mars

Veronica MarsOkay so the CW spent a year pretty much beating Veronica Mars to death and turning the show into a shadow of its former self. Network pressure killed the arcs that made Veronica Mars worth watching week to week (and thus gut punching its ratings) and was likely responsible for pathetic attempts to appeal to teenage girls by turning Logan into a sappy whiny teen romance lead (probably not realizing that teenage girls like Logan precisely because he was a manipulative jerk) and will now deliver the coup de grace by killing off the series entirely.

Now frankly Veronica Mars jumped the shark with the second series finale that turned Beaver into a James Bond villain capable of masterminding everything. And then gave us the cop out ending of her father’s death. I doubt the network can be blamed for that one. But it’s bizarre that the CW, whose management basically came out of UPN, will purge Veronica Mars for another season of spewing the vomitious flecks of Gillmore Girls.

The Gillmore Girls are pretty much what you’d end up with if Aaron Sorkin was assigned to write a teen girl oriented TV series. More to the point Gillmore Girls has the same appeal for your average male viewer as an on the spot vasectomy. Veronica Mars was ’emphasis’ a series that appealed to male and female viewers. GG, like Supernatural, skews sharply to one side of the demographic triangle.

Now granted CW, like UPN, is saddled with the same ex-Lifetime President and at this point, the network, aside from Supernatural, appeals to male viewers in the same way the aforementioned vasectomy does. Veronica Mars isn’t the solution for that, but it’s still better than 100 percent of what’s on the CW and it’s a critical favorite, which means it’s probably CW’s last excuse to critics not to spit at them– especially after the departure of Amy Sherman Palladino from Gillmore Girls has made it open season on its beleaguered and all too male showrunner.

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