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Some Things… Aren’t Meant to be Changed…

Some cliches never go away. Flash back to Jurassic Park with Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond delivering the same embarrassing mad scientist speech in a maudlin way, that has been delivered over and over again. Usually this happens right around the time giant radioactive animals begin rampaging around the countryside. And the arrogant scientists are held responsible for playing white coated deities.

Sure animal research doesn’t lead to giant animal rampages, but any time it could. And the attitude comes from outside the movies and goes outside it. Clone a sheep? You’re just waiting for trouble in the form of hordes of giant rampaging radioactive sheep. Bang some atoms together and you’re just waiting for trouble to happen. Why do you have to experiment and explore the universe? Some things aren’t meant to be changed.

Not that this stops those same people from wanting the latest and greatest medical treatments right now. But we shouldn’t change things, except the ones we benefit from changing.

More Green Lantern

This is obviously aimed at fans and it’s not bad. The goofiness factor is still there, but maybe Green Lantern can’t be told any other way. It’s better than putting Will Smith in the part and having every other line be, “OH NO YOU DON’T”. Still the look is cheap. The effects are still dated. And the energy isn’t really there. Some of the sense of wonder leaks through. But not that much.

Side question, why does Green Lantern look like Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander with the mask on.

Maybe some of this is about the amount of CG in Green Lantern. Iron Man and Spider Man could go with less or less obvious CG. This is less grounded. And looking at a lot of the scenes, you get that CG cartoon feel. Like you’re watching cutscenes from a mediocre video game. It’s hard to ground Green Lantern and you don’t really get the sense that anyone is trying.

Also seriously. Tell me this isn’t Derek Zoolander.

Grimm and Once Upon a Time Previews

Grimm is shown off as a show by the Buffy and Angel producers about a cop killing monsters. Once Upon a Time as a show by the writers of Lost about a strange town that’s part of a dual reality with an extensive backstory. So no one’s wandering too far away from their specialty.

Based on the promos alone, the acting doesn’t look too great in either one, but Grimm has a premise that can carry over past a few episodes, Once Upon a Time is more like if we knew ahead of time that Lost was going to suck. That’s unfair. Once Upon a Time could be another 10th Kingdom. But I don’t see much of a fun factor here. Bad acting. An uninvolving lead. Robert Carlyle shows up. And maybe there’s more good to the show.

Grimm doesn’t seem bad. It lacks some of the punch I was hoping for. And we’ve got the usual Forever Knight setup with a cop who has superpowers that he uses to solve crime and a partner who doesn’t know it. But the werewolf sidekick is looking like fun. But the Grimm preview looks like it’s the entire first episode. That’s a stupid thing to do.

I was hoping Grimm would be more like Special Unit 2 and maybe it will be. Right now it looks enough like a generic procedural to be boring.

Terra Nova, Spielberg’s Dino Fetish Returns

Funny thing about this Terra Nova promo, the show only looks interesting for the first minute or so that it’s set in the future. The idea of people escaping a destroyed world by going into the past is a decent gimmick. But the show is just Jurassic Park in the past and there all interest is lost. Pretty scenery, dinos, family bonding and people causing problems. After the promo you know that you’re going to spend a lot of time being annoyed by the family, the Dinos aren’t that impressive anymore and human conflict will show that people can escape the future but they can’t escape the problems they cause. Dark Skies at least looks interesting because it thrusts characters into a less predictable situation. Terra Nova looks like Jurassic Park meets every show about families going to live in Africa or Hawaii or the West with more social commentary.

Captain America, Finally a Superhero Trailer that Looks Good

After the unintentionally funny Green Lantern trailer, the Transformers 2 vibe from the Thor trailer, I didn’t have high hopes for the Captain America trailer. But this… this is not bad. Maybe even good.

I wasn’t following reports, but surprisingly this is a classic Captain America set in WW2, not a modern up to date Captain America. The bullied weakling, and all that 40’s ambiance. Joe Johnston hasn’t had a great run, but he’s captured some of the feel of his own great classic, The Rocketeer. This is not the superhero movie you expect Hollywood to make, but it just might be good.

Does the finished product hold together? Who knows. Wolfman was a mess. Captain America’s script comes from the duo writing the Narnia films, which depending on your feelings about those movies may or may not be a good thing. But Johnston has a lock on that classic idealistic movie sincerity, which he’s shown in Rocketeer, October Sky and Jumanji. If he brings that to the table, this may just be a winner.

Every Alternative Superhero Trailer Out There

The trailer for Super, that movie made by Pam’s ex-husband starring Dwight and the girl with the hamburger phone is here. Yes I know their names, but why bother writing them out. And yes it looks a lot like Kick Ass. Which looked a lot like every other alternative superhero movie made. Even the Zack Snyder butchered Watchmen. Or the Woody Harrelson short bus superhero movie. Don’t remember the name and don’t care to look it up. Or Mystery Men. Or Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet mess. Or the Specials, which was the daddy of all these back in 2000.

Where the standard superhero movie exploits a franchise, the alternative movie is supposed to be subversive, poke fun at the conventions, show you what happens when a real person tries to be a superhero and makes a mess of it. And it’s all been done. What’s worse is that there are actual people putting on superhero uniforms and getting into fights or trying to fight crime. Anti-movie crusaders might blame one on the other, but it also makes this whole gimmick redundant. Want to see what really happens when a normal person tries to do this, follow one of the actual costumed vigilantes around town.

Go back to the Specials and Mystery Men and there’s nothing new about these movies. Kick Ass and Super get more extreme. Green Hornet applies the same formula to turn an established superhero into a stoner movie. There’s nothing more to say. Nothing more to do with this. And still I bet there’s a few more movies like this back in the pipeline. Maybe more.

Scream 4 Redux

In 1996, Scream brought back slasher movies and after about 50 of them, we all wished it hadn’t. Scream was sharp, clever and well made. Scream 2 much less so. Scream 3 had a few clever moments but was mostly phoned in. And there was no reason to make another except the Weinsteins, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson all need a little pick me up.

Unlike Scream 3, Scream 4 is actually written by Kevin Williamson. That’s a plus. But it doesn’t look like it has much to contribute. Do we really need an analysis of what fourth movies in a horror trilogy are like. Jokes about it being the fourth movie in a trilogy. The trailer makes it obvious they’ll be there.

The real question is why keep dragging around the old cast. Does it make sense to bring in Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette when a big chunk of the target audience was five years old when the original was released? I like them, but come on. Scream 3 didn’t do much right, but its ending provided closure. The “new movie” being made can be anything. A chance to remake their lives now that the malicious director who controlled it is gone.

Instead Scream 4 compromises by padding the cast out with some actual teenagers played by twenty somethings. When what it should have done is moved on. Do what Scream did, center the movie around new characters. Drop the 4, just call it Scream again, and try to make a movie that catches audiences by surprise.

Futurama Bender’s Big Score Trailer is Here

My overview. Meh. I realize it’s a DVD which means packing in an epic story and doing the kind of things you can’t do on network TV but I can’t feel any great enthusiasm for this right now. The cancellation opening is cute if inevitable. Family Guy did something similar in its comeback. The actual Bender’s Big Score though seems to smack of Bender Gets Made, one of Futurama’s worst episodes and Bender’s Big Score trailer mainly features things exploding and mediocre lines. But then again Futurama went out in its worst season ever, partly overseen by Kristin Gore with pathetically politicized episodes and lameness without end, flatulent robots come to mind.

What Futurama needed was to bring back the funny and I’m not seeing a lot of funny here. I mean Fry naked. The Niblonians doing stuff. The ass map reference from Waterworld… who even watched Waterworld enough to remember that? The Professor and Leela are virtually nowhere to be found. Dr. Zoydberg is in fine form but smacks of overuse. In other words I’m gonna need more convincing than this.

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