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Weird ABC Mashup #1 = King of Queens + Third Rock from the Sun

King of Queens and Third Rock from the Sun were both successful sitcoms so why not combine them into something that looks a bit like ABC’s own canceled No Ordinary Family, but funnier.

I’m not going to hate The Neighbors out of the gate. It has a bit of a Victor Fresco, the Better Off Ted and Andy Richter shows, feel, and a little bit of Galaxy Quest. It’s also hard to hate anything that prominently features Doug Jones. And Dan Fogelman has an interesting track record.

…but I see this going the way of most sitcoms that hit this angle. And this is an area that has been strip mined already by everything from Mork and Mindy to Third Rock from the Sun. There’s not much you can do here except make a few weird alien jokes and a few alien learning moments and that’s not all that entertaining in the short run, it’s harder to manage in the long run.

Third Rock from the Sun was only funny when the jokes depended on John Lithgow acting like a lunatic. See Robin Williams and Mork and Mindy. Doug Jones has to fill in for Robin Williams and John Lithgow as a drier British alien, more Hitchhiker’s Guide, less zany lunatic. Will that work?

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