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Gunslinger #1 The Return

“While Stephen King began writing in small markets and the original Gunslinger novel, serialized in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, he is best known for his more general horror writing. The Dark Tower series attempts to do what many successful Fantasy and Science Fiction writers have done, which is to tie in all their writing into a single metaverse. Robert Heinlein began it with his Future History and for Stephen King, The Dark Tower serves not only as the linchpin of the tale, but as the core element uniting all the worlds he has written about. So much so, that in a rather controversial move, Stephen King wrote himself into the narrative of the final novels as Stephen King, the creator of the novels. The result seemed to foreshadow the surrealistically circular nature of the final conclusion.

Except it was not the final conclusion. Back when Stephen King had been severely injured after being struck by a van on the shoulder of the road and was recovering in severe pain, he announced that he would be giving up his writing career once he finished the Dark Tower novels. Stephen King has shown no sign of actually giving up his writing career even after finishing the novels, but what he has done is signaled his desire to rewrite them altogether. In a sense the limited run of the Gunslinger comic book series begins the process, returning to before the world of “Wizard and Glass”, to Roland growing up from a boy into a man.”

Gunslinger #1: Stephen King’s Dark Tower Reborn

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