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The Birchum Pilot is Actually Kind of Funny…

This is the Birchum pilot. It wasn’t picked up. And it’s kind of not bad.

Birchum. Yes I know it’s Adam Carolla and everything. The politics are a bit too up front, but it has a King of the Hill meet Daria vibe. I don’t know that I would actually watch it, but it’s better than American Dad or Bob’s Burgers or The Clevelands or the rest of the animated crap that FOX airs, including the Simpsons, which has a 1/80 success ratio now. Their only good episode in years was the one with Brent Spiner voicing the robots.

birchum Adam Carolla

The odd thing is it kind of works. The visuals are okay. The voices are fine. And it’s actually grounded in a working class meets Zero Tolerance craziness school system. Of course Birchum didn’t get picked up. There’s some bigotry, but not enough to meet the high standards set for bigotry at FOX by Seth MacFarlane. There aren’t any talking animals. There aren’t any talking racist animals. Not much sexism. No catchphrase spewing babies. So Birchum never had a shot.

But can you imagine if Seth MacFarlane had done Birchum? There would be a talking animal. Birchum’s fellow teacher would talk like he just stepped out of The Jeffersons. Within 2 minutes there would be a gay joke, an incest joke, a celebrity mention, an Asian stereotype and somebody falling down the stairs for 15 seconds and then hitting his crotch/head against the wall.

Who knew that Adam Carolla’s problem is that he isn’t offensive enough? That’s why Seth MacFarlane is such a genius.

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