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Why is Bill Hader still on Saturday Night Live?

One facial expression. Stiff. Check.

One voice. Sarcastic douchebag. Check.

Ability to imitate anyone. Non-existent. Assigned to parts that call on him to do just that. Also check.

Look at the Saturday Night Live Charlie Sheen cold open. A no brainer imitation that Hader can’t even come close to doing. Instead he does the same “You can tell I’m sarcastically imitating you because my voice is going up and down” monotone that he does every time.

Compare that to Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon isn’t all that spectacular, but he’s in the same galaxy. Hader isn’t even trying. There’s no reason for him to. He can’t get fired because Saturday Night Live can’t replace him with anyone better. Dragging back Tina Fey and Darrell Hammond during the election was an admission of how little talent SNL has now. For Obama there’s Fred Armisen’s embarrassing blackface routine, which is almost as bad as Hader’s anything.

Instead of constantly dumping its female players, time to dump most of the men. Especially Hader who has learned how to do nothing in all these years except sit there and smirk his way through another routine.

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