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Can We Declare Star Wars Dead Now?

Seriously, can we?

This isn’t some fanmade parody. This isn’t Family Guy doing its 40th Star Wars episode. This is Lucasfilm plus Robot Chicken giving us rapping Darth Vader. Because that would have been funny… in 1989.

Oh and just to state the obvious, Seth Green is pushing 40 now. Robot Chicken was always overrated, but if you turn to a 38 year old guy to appeal to the kids, you get Darth Vader rapping and jokes about TMZ. Mel Brooks already did this in 1987 with Spaceballs. Since the internet got started, there have been 2 trillion Star Wars parodies and a bunch of commercial ones, like Family Guy. Star Wars Detours is the least useful and original thing ever.

Is there anything Spaceballs didn’t say 25 years ago about how silly Star Wars is? Is there anything that decades of parodies didn’t cover that Lucas needed to move forward with a lame CG roast of classic Star Wars characters?

What’s worse is this shows the horse-beating curve for Star Trek. When the only thing that George Lucas can think to do with the original characters is release an officially branded parody, the horse is completely pulped.

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