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No the PC Isn’t Dead

It’s hip to kill things off and the PC has been killed off a lot of times. The new story is that the mobile star killed the Desktop PC. It didn’t. And it won’t be dead no matter how many stories run about the number of devices running iOS and Android.

The Desktop PC expanded into the dominant hardware platform and lives and dies by business usage. Businesses are not about to dead pchand iPads to their employees. Mobile devices are fine as point of sale and in any line of work where mobility helps. Park rangers, yes. Any business where you come in, sit at a desk and use a computer isn’t going to go mobile.

Workplace culture alone is a reason. Most companies don’t want employees randomly wandering around. Not unless there are customers in view.

Unless you can picture customer service, civil service and financial services going mobile, the Desktop PC isn’t dead. And that’s not all.

Any job that requires serious hardware, video editing, graphic design and audio processing is mostly going to stay with the PC. Mobile devices will go quad core and eight core, but programs get more resource hungry with each incarnation. Anything high-end will still need a desktop.

Gaming? Nope. PC Gaming is alive and well and mobile devices are never going to be able to do what PC games can. PC gaming graphics improve faster and consume more resources than its professional art and video pros. No matter how much mobile devices can do, the desktop PC will be able to do more, even with NVIDIA and Intel shifting resources to mobile device designs.

High-end mobile devices use more power. Even power saving chips still mean that any intensive applications are going to eat through power faster than trying to play three movies at the same time on your netbook.

The number of mobile devices will increase and the number of PC’s will drop. But there’s a hard limit to both and most people will eventually end up owning desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and a tablet. The PC isn’t being replaced, it’s becoming the core of a domestic cloud.

Mobile devices and game consoles can do some of what the Desktop PC does, but they can’t do all of it and they can’t do it better. Their advantage is that they free you from the chair and the desk.

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