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Charlie Sheen’s Self-Conscious Breakdown

Charlie Sheen’s breakdown is unique because he’s self-conscious enough to generate memes and exploit them. We’re used to groggy celebrities issuing terse statements or brief rants, but the full court media press by someone who’s completely nuts is new. Combined with new media exploitation and monetizing. Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise at least knew to get enough of the spotlight and stay there. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan were silently deteriorating messed up people.

But Sheen is riding a high. Going cold turkey has kicked off a manic state. He thinks he’s invulnerable and he’s playing the joke, but he’s not in on the joke. He thinks that the joke is a Chuck Norris awesome thing, when it’s actually that he’s the joke because he’s mental. It’s like the way Shatner plays off his image, without really understanding his image.

But despite all that, Sheen looks less the villain, than ABC and every other network that has given his breakdown tons of coverage with no legit reason for it except that people will watch. Sheen is crazy, violent and a bigot… but he’s also nuts. And TV executives don’t have that excuse. Unlike him they know exactly what they’re doing and the moral compromises they’re making for the sake of ratings.

Saving SciFi TV Shows

There was a time when a campaign to save a canceled SF show like Stargate Universe would have been a no brainer, but that was before every single SF show had its own campaign. We’ve come a long way from the original Save Star Trek campaign when networks saw that as a novelty and a time when every network execute has learned to tune out the candy bars or other food items, the ads and the rallies. Even Conan’s nationwide high profile campaign didn’t save his show, it just got him a better deal on TNT.

Fandom splintering is one factor. The days when there were one or TV shows watched by fans of fantasy and science fiction are done. There are half a dozen, most of them with poor ratings and little crossover sympathy. Non-Caprica viewers have no interest in Caprica and don’t care whether it’s canceled or not. Same went for Legend of the Seeker. And Stargate Universe actually has a cancel this beast campaign going from angry Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis fans furious because the producers tried something different.

Fandom campaigns depended on executives who were willing to explore the possibility that the show they were canceling actually had growth potential or might attract advertisers who wanted a younger demographic, but those days are over. Everyone wants younger demographics. And few networks have any patience for show growth, except for critical favorites like 30 Rock or Arrested Development, which go on as charity cases because they appeal to the studio and network executives.

Much Ado About the Swine Flu

It never fails, whenever the media seems to be short of a big story, we naturally get some sort of hysteria over an all encompassing crisis that’s certain to convince the average couch dweller that the end of civilization is nigh. Right now it’s Swine Flu, the killer epidemic that has already claimed the lives of millions if not billions, and will shortly own its own firm of Washington D.C. lobbyists. Swine Flu has come to America before, which resulted in the death of every single America between the years 1967 and 1972. Luckily new more efficiently made Americans were imported from Sweden and Japan, thus saving America.

So far a single baby from Mexico has died in America of Swine Flu. And apparently a minister who met with Obama. This hasn’t stopped the media from building up the same panic that they did for Avian Bird Flu, that killed every single American between 1992 and 2007, or the Y2K virus that caused nuclear weapons to launch prematurely and blow up the entire planet. So now the media is in full on shriek mode. The Vice Idiot in Chief has warned all Americans to stay out of planes, subways and crowded areas, because apparently he’s old enough to remember the Influenza epidemic. The media of course is only too happy to splash his hysterical nonsense right next to their own hysterical nonsense, sandwiched between photos of people in Mexico wearing generally useless surgical masks.

I can’t help but think that we’d have a much better behaved press if every business that lost revenue because of some media shrillfest could actually sue them for damages. It might breed less reports on THAI FLU VIRUS OF DOOM or WENGER’S TROJAN HORSE WILL EAT YOUR COMPUTER ON FEBRUARY 30 that the press seems positively addicted to. I know responsible journalism went extinct with the dodo and the honest election, but since the American public can’t collectively bitch slap CNN, except in the ratings, maybe it’s time to hold news organizations accountable for baseless hysteria.

Oh by the way Swine Flu killed every single American between 2009 and 2012. Luckily more efficient and weirder were quickly imported from the 8th Dimension.

Piers Anthony – Earth Shatteringly Awful

> His work is nothing earth-shattering, but I love Piers Anthony’s stuff.

Don’t sell yourself short, it is earth shatteringly awfull. and
Anthony is one of the few authors out there who actually put out a
book, ‘What Of Earth” solely for the sake of getting back at some
unknown editors who blue pencilled the draft.

There’s something truly sad in reading through the ramblings of a man
so insecure he’s reduced to categorizing anonymous people based on
their choiche of pencil color and forcing his fans to buy a book just
so he can abuse them.

> To each his own. His work is very enjoyable to many, many, many people
> (that’s why his books stay in print) and cannot be considered “awful” by any
> stretch of the imagination.

Undoubtedly Danielle Steele and Dean Koontz’s fans say the same thing.

> No author can “force” fans to buy a book.

No but publishing companies can by limiting what books they promote
and which they don’t.

> Books, more than comics, have a much more fickle audience. People will buy
> comics to keep their collection complete. That’s not the case with books.

Barring media tie in novels…but then again they’re not actually

> If they don’t like the work of an author, they won’t buy their books. An
> “awful” author will be lucky to get 1 or 2 books in print.

Has nothing to do with good or awfull, it just has to do with
promoting and appeal to some niche market by building a fan base. With
Piers Anthony that would involve selling sleaze to thirteen year old

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