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krullReleased in the post Star Wars frenzy as Hollywood studios were eagerly churning out anything with a mythical premise to cash in on what they thought George Lucas was doing, Krull’s more obvious inspiration was another movie dismissed as a Star Wars wannabe, Clash of the Titans.

The elements of the quest, gathering a disparate group for a quest, fighting a pan like figure for a princess’ affections, stealing magical horses and finding a magical weapons, suggest Clash of the Titans which had just come out when Krull was being made.

But Krull does have its own appeal. There’s a decent supporting cast, including a younger Liam Neeson and Robby Coltrane. The leads though are blank. The direction is good, and James Horner’s score delivers, even if it makes you think of his Star Trek work. But the script from Stanford Sherman, a veteran of the Batman TV series, who also went on to write another fantastically cheesy 80’s movie, The Ice Pirates, doesn’t deliver.

There are elements in Krull that could have made for a better movie, the vanishing spaceship mountain for one. But it’s too scattershot and formulaic, a quest with too few challenges and integrated mythology. The Emerald Sage section offers up the hope that this might change, but quickly reverts to type with the heroes riding magical Clydesdales through the sky.

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