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Asking To Be Hacked

“The naked truth: Stars are asking to be hacked”

Does Frazier Moore actually think this or does he just write stuff like this because it will pick up hits? Today with the sad state of journalism, it’s probably the latter.

What was going on in Johansson’s pretty head when she, like so many, snapped candid self-portraits

Probably that she was sharing private photos with one person, not the whole world.

This sort of head-in-the-cloud narcissism (or is it head-in-the-iCloud?) fails to acknowledge that, more and more, people live in glass houses — especially famous people, whose houses are bigger and even more transparent than others.

So assuming that your photos won’t be hacked is now narcissism? Does Moore even understand the words he’s using.

In this era of digital snooping, why would any celebrity delude himself or herself that his or her physical seclusion guarantees privacy?

I don’t get it, are celebrities supposed to wear clothes all the time? Are they supposed to live their lives assuming that all their emails will be read?

Let’s go a step further. People know where celebrities live. If someone breaks into their house and steals their things, weren’t they asking for it by assuming that physical seclusion guarantees privacy?

However high the walls surrounding one’s property and however well-staffed one’s security detail, why would any celebrity store nude photos on any electronic device that connects to the Internet — unless, of course, the celeb is a closet exhibitionist and secretly hopes the stuff will go viral.

Clearly. Celebrities who have anything private in their private email accounts must be exhibitionists because they don’t assume that they are doomed to be hacked.

But she didn’t know better than to leave ripe for the picking those photos of her in her birthday suit, as if to dare some hacker to share them with the world. Sure, Johansson is one of many victims of cyber-hacking. Maybe she was also asking for it.

So by leaving photos in a private account whose contents the hacker couldn’t have known before hacking into it… she was really asking the hacker to do it.

I’ve seen rape defenses better thought out than this. Actually this is every rape defense ever boiled down with the added celebrity tag.

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