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Does the Internet Make Us Stupid or Does It Expose Our Stupidity?

salman rushdie

Salman Rushdie Meets Dracula

Twitter has made it no secret that most celebrities are dumb. Your favorite actor can play a rocket scientist but once he gets on Twitter and starts ranting about chemtrails he sounds exactly like your Crazy Uncle Frank because he really is no different than your Crazy Uncle Frank. He just has more money.

Being able to Tweet anything they’re thinking has empowered celebrities to expose their stupidity and destroy any myths we might have believed about their intelligence.

But it’s not just celebrities. Give anyone access to Twitter and they’ll act exactly like a guy debating whether Miley Cyrus is a whore on a YouTube remix of her video.

Anyone? Yes anyone. Take a look at Salman Rushdie jumping into the gun control debate after the shootings.

If you didn’t just get internet access yesterday,  you’ve seen this kind of debate happen 50,000 times. You just didn’t see it with an internationally acclaimed literary figure.

First make a joke that you think is clever in your head, but is actually kind of flippant and inappropriate, and not clever at all.

Then get defensive about it and pretend that you’re too smart to have said what you did say.

Then admit that you did say it, but it was justified because the issue was so important.

Finally leave in a snit while insisting that you’re the bigger person.

This isn’t about gun control. It’s about the internet and what happens when we get an open pipeline to type anything we’re thinking into our phone.

Forget all the studies, the internet doesn’t make us stupid. It shows everyone how stupid we were all along.

We’ve all acted like Salman Rushdie sometimes. Or actually Salman Rushdie acts like us. The internet tears away the illusion that famous people, no matter how smart they’re supposed to be, are any better than we are. We’re all the same when we get a Twitter account and under all the awards, the fame and the IQ points, we all end up sounding like idiots.

Ron Moore is Down to Doing Romance Novels

Caprica failed, Precinct 17 didn’t get picked up and SyFy decided it wasn’t in the science fiction business anymore, so Blood and Chrome clashed with its new image of ordering crappy imitation reality shows that other networks did first. So what is supergenius Ron Moore doing now? A cable adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander historical romance novels.

How bad is this crap? I’ll give you the last sentence from the descrip. “Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire… and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.”

Viewers with above room temperature IQ’s will be irreconcilably torn between not watching this and moving to a country that doesn’t have television.

Not that we’re in any real danger of seeing this make it to television. Ron Moore doesn’t have a great track record with developing novels into cable shows. He was on Dragonriders of Perth and that never happened. But if it had, I picture a bunch of angry dragonriders wearing suits and driving humvees while screaming non-stop at each other about religion before committing suicide… just like Battlestar Galactica.

Sony decided that it wants to get a chunk of that sweet Game of Thrones action and Outlander probably isn’t the only trashy book series that can be loosely called fantasy being adapted for television. In an environment where Fifty Shades of Grey is being turned into a movie, there’s no real shame in it. But by the time Outlander goes through the process, the heat on Game of Thrones will have cooled and no one will be that interested in an expensive television series about “a gallant and passionate young Scots warrior” or “a passionate love so absolute” except maybe the Hallmark Channel.

But the true passionate love story is the forbidden love of fanboys for Ron Moore’s pseudo-intellectual “makes Lost look like a model of plotting and storytelling” crap.

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