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Prometheus Bombed at the Box Office

Prometheus film posterPrometheus’ second place release opening wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be. Sure it got its ass kicked by the threequel to a kiddie movie that had long since lost any reason for being. But Prometheus’ actual per theater was better than Madagascar 3’s Stop Me Before I Make Another Sequel to What Was Once a Cute Movie.

Prometheus’ 15,000 per theater average showed that it was the movie that packed them in. It was the one people were curious about. And then they saw it. This week Prometheus is still second, but it’s a distant second. Its per theater average has dropped sharply. Much more so than Madagascar 3’s. There are still people talking about it, but in a mostly bad way.

Ridley Scott wanted a 250 million dollar budget and a more grown up movie. The studio wanted a 160 million dollar budget and a script written by the guy who wrote the ending for Lost. The studio got its way.

Prometheus will cross the 100 million dollar mark two weeks from now. If it gets really lucky, it may cross it next week. Next week it will be up against Pixar’s Brave, which will suck a lot of money out of Madagascar 3 and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, which plays to the same demographic as Prometheus. Both are going to sweep into 3000-4000 theaters, which will give Prometheus a hard shove.

Internationally Prometheus has taken in another 128 million. Don’t look for FOX to lose money on this, but do look for them to put it down as more evidence that the Aliens franchise is dead except as a low budget Aliens vs Predator 3 type of thing.



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