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Hacking the Harry Potter Hack

It’s a bit of a strange situation that has the words Harry Potter and computer hacking in the same news stories but then again wizardy is arguably a bit like hacking and hackers are the wizards of the world wide web. More to the point the book publishing paranoia over the Harry Potter books, which during the last book release went so far as to threaten customers who had accidentally bought a book early with court action if they didn’t return them promptly to the store, has generated the kind of giant target that no self-respecting penetrator of secrets could hope to avoid.

Now supposed plot details of Harry Potter (no don’t worry I won’t list them here or care about them) have been leaked. And the book publishers are playing coy over whether this is the real deal or not. Essentially it’s the same sort of situation TV shows routinely have to deal with when plot details get leaked early on. Scholastic, which has been rather fascist over leaks in the past, is playing coy this time suggesting that it isn’t real and yet refusing to deny it outright. This is the kind of non-comment that promptly creates a paranoid loop of trying to understand if this is strategy, misdirection or stupidity.

Is Scholastic trying to avoid an outright denial because the leaks are real or playing coy about it to generate interest? Does the spokeswoman herself even know whether the leaks are true or is she herself just a disposable employee sent out to make a denial without a clue whether what she is denying is even true or not?

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