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Gorn Porn: The Star Trek Game Trailer Debuts

The objective: Make a game as content free as the movie. A proper triumph of style over substance, of things exploding over space exploration and then add echo noises.

The question everyone must be asking is where are the lens flares? Lens flare technology in games was developed long ago. Star Trek the game has plenty of bloom, but needs more lens flares to hide just how low res its textures are. Just take a look at this gorgeous screenshot from 2005.

star trek game sucks

Namco Bandai’s JJ Abrams’ Star Trek has focused its graphical focus on the important things. Like making sure that Spock looks exactly like Zachary Quinto and not that other guy. Whatever his name is. And once they did that they didn’t have any more time or resources left so they just imported a few terrain maps from Half Life or Morrowind.

For a nostalgia kick, here’s Star Trek 25th Anniversary’s trial sequence.

“I’m James T. Kirk. I’m more worthy than you’ll ever be. And I have girlfriends on fifty planets who will vouch for that.”

And it even has better graphics than Co-Op Quinto shooter.

Bad News for The Mist’s Expectations – Stephen King Approves of It

As everyone knows Stephen King hates the movies based on his books and stories that don’t suck, such as say The Shining and The Dead Zone and loves the ones that do suck. He even tried to remake the Shining as a TV mini-series starring the guy from Wings and some glowing furniture. He directed Maximum Overdrive, a movie about evil trucks gone bad. So it’s safe to say if Stephen King likes a horror movie based on his work, it’s a bad bad movie.

Now it seems the Mist has a new ending to substitute for the rather ambigious ending of the original The Mist novella by Stephen King, via Frank Darabont and apparently King approves of it and warns us not to “give it away.” That suggests either empty hype or a completely unnecessary shock ending, one of the overall patterns in King’s work that he has commented on is that the kids don’t die. So we can expect that as a possibility, as well as just everyone being eaten.

Frank wrote a new ending that I loved. It is the most shocking ending ever and there should be a law passed stating that anybody who reveals the last 5 minutes of this film should be hung from their neck until dead.

Well the last 5 minutes can only do so much and spoilers are most likely to involve the death of characters. I mean I don’t see the last 5 minutes sending the cast of Half Life back to their original evil dimension. I don’t see the change as being a completely happy go lucky ending where they reach safety. Stephen King certainly wouldn’t love that, so we’re left with a final 5 minutes that may kill off all or many of the characters more so than in the novella or leave them in a hopeless situation altogether.

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