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Futurama Bender’s Big Score Trailer is Here

My overview. Meh. I realize it’s a DVD which means packing in an epic story and doing the kind of things you can’t do on network TV but I can’t feel any great enthusiasm for this right now. The cancellation opening is cute if inevitable. Family Guy did something similar in its comeback. The actual Bender’s Big Score though seems to smack of Bender Gets Made, one of Futurama’s worst episodes and Bender’s Big Score trailer mainly features things exploding and mediocre lines. But then again Futurama went out in its worst season ever, partly overseen by Kristin Gore with pathetically politicized episodes and lameness without end, flatulent robots come to mind.

What Futurama needed was to bring back the funny and I’m not seeing a lot of funny here. I mean Fry naked. The Niblonians doing stuff. The ass map reference from Waterworld… who even watched Waterworld enough to remember that? The Professor and Leela are virtually nowhere to be found. Dr. Zoydberg is in fine form but smacks of overuse. In other words I’m gonna need more convincing than this.

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