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Wing Commander + Privateer = Star Citizen

Obviously there’s a dose of Heinlein in this too. I won’t quibble over details, just show the trailer. Anyone who has played the first two Wing Commander games will recognize elements from them in the trailer.

Kickstarter and its cousins have certainly helped bring back some classic games. And that’s good.

And now the quibbling. How exactly is the MMO + single player aspect going to work. Is the MMO the Privateer part while Squadron 42 is the Wing Commander part?

And Chris Roberts doesn’t have the best track record. Not when Wing Commander 2 was the last good Wing Commander game, followed by FMV abortions starring Mark Hamill, followed by Starlancer and Freelancer, both of which were poor copies of Wing Commander and Privateer. But on the other hand the engine looks shiny and the idea seems promising.

So let’s dream. Let’s dream big.

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