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With all the outrage over a Smallville Season 11 coming out in comic book form, you would think that there was something really awful happening, like a Doctor Who- Star Trek The Next Generation crossover happening. (Yes that’s happening too.) Is there absolutely no room for a Smallville comic book in a lineup that already features Superman, Superboy, Supergirl and Justice League?

The reason for it is a no brainer. Smallville had plenty of fans, especially female fans, who aren’t picking up issues of Superman. Getting them to read a Superman comic by any name is a no brainer. With a good writer, which it has, there’s no reason that Smallville Season 11 can’t be good. Or moderately decent. Or better than Buffy Season 8.

Speaking of what I assume is Buffy Season 9, which I avoided because there’s only so much crap that even I can take, that has a storyline where Buffy gets pregnant and has an abortion, which is already being praised as groundbreaking by some of the fanboys who hate the idea of Smallville Season 11, sight unseen. I’m sure this will be just as well thought out and groundbreaking as Buffy’s lesbian tryst and not at all a publicity stunt by people who have already shown that they shouldn’t be allowed to crochet samplers.

Why not just turn over Buffy to David E. Kelley and get it over with? I don’t really see much difference in concept between his Wonder Woman TV show and Buffy anyway. All the fanboys who want to claim that Buffy was a strong female character might want to consider how much she really had in common with Ally McBeal. And how much of the differences came down to the actresses, not the writing.

Hating on the Buffy Reboot

Sure it’s an easy target. Beloved franchise exploited for cynical money grab. Nothing like turning out a comic where Buffy has a lesbian one night stand. Now that’s classy.

I’m sure the movie reboot will suck. If only because sucking is the whole point of it and not just in the vampire way. Like Vampire Diaries this is a frantic attempt to capitalize on vampire mania, not a smart knowing look at being a teenager. Nobody really cares about the original audience.

But Joss Whedon and his crew of ex-Buffy people showed that they could destroy the material just as comprehensively. Whit Anderson who never seems to have sold a screenplay before, might make a mess of it. But I don’t see her making a worse mess of it than Marti Noxon and Jane Espenson already did.

The thirty something Buffy fans complaining about the reboot. How long can you stretch out the whole continuity baggage anyway. Buffy Season 8 showed how you can keep it going, by upscaling the concept and cluttering the story with every character who ever appeared on Buffy. It’s fan service. There’s no reason for anyone who isn’t already a fan to read through it.

A reboot might move the concept to what it originally was, a wisecracking California girl growing up while fighting monsters. It might even be fun.

The Thin Line Between Critic and Fanboy

It’s reviews like Ginia Bellafante’s screed in the New York Times against Game of Thrones that remind you of just how small a gap there is now between the professional critic and the fanboy. Ginia Bellafante’s only underlying point is that she doesn’t like fantasy and science fiction. Instead of just letting someone else do the review, she dresses up that dislike in gender typing that sounds like it came from a Charlie Brown panel (science fiction and fantasy is for boys only) and social relevance (period dramas in the 1960’s can examine social structures, but not fantasy ones).

The tone is everything you expect from a fanboy screed, irrationally dismissive, even contemptuous and a poorly disguised argument for personal preference mocked up as a review. And it is billed as a review.

But even though it says review on top, Ginia Bellafante doesn’t even pretend to review it. It’s an Armond White review, with Ginia Bellafante citing all the things she likes better than it and using appeals to gender roles and social relevance to buttress her argument, which turns out to have nothing to do with Game of Thrones. The closest she comes to mentioning something specific about the show is its development of a language, but only to peg that as her closing put down.

The single worst moment in it all must be

While I do not doubt that there are women in the world who read books like Mr. Martin’s, I can honestly say that I have never met a single woman who has stood up in indignation at her book club and refused to read the latest from Lorrie Moore unless everyone agreed to “The Hobbit” first.

And if Ginia Bellafante hasn’t met women who read fantasy novels, they must not exist… or they must not matter. Because she never met them.

Rotten Apples to SyFy

The thing where fans of canceled shows launch protests by sending food to TV executives was always a little on the stupid side, but at least they usually sent food with a better sell by date. Caprica fans are sending apples. Which is funny and everything, except it means they’re really sending over a lot of rotten fruit. When Jericho fans sent in nuts and Veronica Mars fans sent in Mars bars (at least that one made sense), apples bruise and spoil. So while networks can pass along food to homeless groups that collect unwanted food, sending out apples is just a waste of food. By the time they go through the system, it’s just making a mess. Not that it matters to all 4 Caprica fans, but come on.

Caprica was a long way from a hit show. Calling on viewers to mount “an organized boycott of the SyFy network and their sponsors for the cancellation of Caprica.” is just stupid. Which sponsors are you going to be boycotting anyway? The ones who were buying ads on that show you liked. The SyFy channel probably has more experience dealing with fans angry over canceled shows, than any executives out there. If there’s a group that you’re not going to convince that way, it’s them.

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